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[1: 1,971 of 10,000] Beautiful Words From Caroline Myss

In Aphorism on July 29, 2019 at 12:40 PM

I’ve listened to Oprah Winfrey’s interview of Caroline Myss once again because my soul is searching for meaning and I couldn’t focus on what I need to do. My mind wanders and it’s asking for food that I couldn’t understand and ain’t providing.

Caroline Myss defined Spirit as…
The part of you that is seeking meaning and purpose.
The part of you that is drawn to hope.
Not to give in to despair.
The part of you that has to believe in goodness.
The part of you that feels like hope.
The part of you that feels like grace.
Oprah Winfrey added, “It’s the light of you.”

Have no judgments of your life,
No expectations, and
Give up the need to know what happens tomorrow.
Be fully present, and
Appreciate all that’s in your life right now.

Have no judgments of your life,
No expectations, and
Give up the need to know why things happen as they do.

Caroline and Oprah, combined thoughts,
Give it your all
Give it your best
Not to be attached to the outcome
Surrender it
Let it go
To the power greater than yourself

Other beautiful words she shared:

  • If you have life, you have a purpose.
  • You are on the right path when you’re not put in a position to betray yourself.
  • Choose what will enhance your spirit and not what will drain your power.
  • Grace transforms a moment into something better.
  • A miracle is when God bends these laws for you in an intimate way.

Other prayers mentioned in the interview:

  • “Hover over me (God).” by St. Teresa of Avila
  • “Please enter where You (God) already abide.” From the book Illuminata by Marianne Williamson



[1: 1,970 of 10,000] 10 Reasons Why I Love My New Dubai Apartment

In List on July 28, 2019 at 4:10 PM


It is really tiring moving from one apartment to another and this is my 5th apartment after living a decade in Dubai. I move almost every 2 years, it seems like a thing here, but this is the place that my sissy and I made it our own style. I love going home to it.

  1. It’s brand new yet not very expensive. Who doesn’t love to be the first person to use the bathtub and toilet? I enjoy my relaxing lavander salt bathe.
  2. I wake up and sleep with Burj Khalifa view.
  3. It’s very close to Dubai Mall (my fave go-to because of the Emirates miles earned every time I shop) and City Walk neighborhood.
  4. It’s a spacious one-bedroom apartment with its own laundry room and a balcony. It has its built-in closet too.
  5. Our mirrors are all fixed on the wall.
  6. Shelves were installed, yes, I’ve put holes in the walls, that I definitely need to ensure they are made up when it’s time to leave.
  7. We can finally use our oven again because the unit is ready for the high voltage installation. We have roasted chicken that was well-brined too!
  8. I felt so luxurious adding a half-glass cover at the bathroom instead of using a shower curtain.
  9. Our indoor plants have grown from three to nine including a succulent that my sissy allowed me to buy finally, a tall Dracaena that draws the eyes up, and we got pretty cool pots from West Elms.
  10.  I also like the dining table that we got from Ikea.

The apartment isn’t too perfect. It would have been better if the tiles’ colors and design in the bathroom sink is not black and yellow, or the installed bedroom airconditioning unit is a larger one, or that I have to sage the bedroom for three consecutive days to keep the lingering heavy energy out, or that some things they’ve overly done that feels like compensating to the things that were totally wrong… there’s that but the good far outweighs the bad so I am really happy with the new apartment. I felt so at home.

What’s your favorite home ever?

Photo by Yong Chuan on Unsplash

[1: 1,969 of 10,000] Have You Answered ‘What’s My Purpose In Life’?

In Journal on July 14, 2019 at 5:07 PM


At different times in my life, I have pulled out different answers and seek different places to help me come up with my answer.

The very first thing that made sense for me is I am here to spread the good news that there’s a God who created everything and I believe loves every human being. God is all-knowing that provides peace and the connection with everyone and everything. I don’t know everything and I don’t even have a language to describe my relationship with God but I’m contented for hearing about Him and I am spending the rest of my life deepening my relationship with Him through others and everything. The moment I have the sense of connection with God, feel His love and witness His miracles; I would like to share it with everyone so they may experience my joy.

Then added is I am here to create like my creator. I have a gift that can make me come alive whenever I am in the zone doing it. That whenever I am authentic for being myself, it inspires others to do great things. All because I am enjoying being me.

I am here to experience human life. To live in the present and love what is. To not believe the story that I create in my mind that is obsessed with worries, scarcity mentality, shame, and perfection.

My latest answer is I’m here to heal. I believed that people are born perfect but like my story, as I grow older, I have absorbed different pain including the pain of my parents that I forget my essence. I now believe that the first order is to take care of me and heal. To forgive myself and to examine my thoughts in order to make better choices in the present.

How about you, what is your purpose?

Photo by Michael Heuser on Unsplash