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[1: 1,423 of 10,000] Food Instagrammer

In Photo, Review on March 25, 2015 at 2:53 PM

Moylo's Instagram is my favourite app and food, being one of the centre of my attentions, is one of my favourite subjects to double tap.

Why food? It gives me happiness in case you’re wondering or Simon Sinek called it biologically gives me dopamine shots that makes me happy. I love looking at food posts and I admire how they take the top shot of all the glorious food, drooling now with just imagining sumptuous food.

Above is my very first attempt to pretend that I am a food Instagrammer, a good one that gets thousands of likes. I visited Moylo’s, a famous burger joint here in Dubai, the crowned Prince of Dubai even made time to visit and signed a padlock. I used the top shot technique to fit the burger, the tiny amount of coleslaw, the diet Coke, the very delicious Truffle Fries with the special dip and a normal ketchup, the dry and wet tissues too, and it was quite strategic that I should get the colourful resto table.

I was a little embarrass taking the photo while a man waiting for his order was sitting so close to my table, I was shy that he might think people these days do not grab their burger when it arrives, they take out their phone and take a photo. Is it worth it that I cared what he thought of my choice of action? Is it bad that I wasn’t respecting my food as soon as it arrived? Nah! I was enjoying life and I would not have something to post and share to the blogosphere world if I didn’t take that slight 2 minutes or less to snap just what I was about to eat. Plus my food wasn’t cold when I dive into it.

I was enjoying life and in everything we do, I think that should be the key, did we enjoy it, if yes, fuck everything else. Did I harm anybody, no, then I may do it again probably in a slightly different way, I’ll order another set from the menu! What do you think?

[1: 1,422 of 10,000] Me & The Rain

In Poem on March 23, 2015 at 9:59 PM

I stand still

Not moving

Just breathing

In my stillness

I started feeling

the cool rain

My feet are moving

Beats are playing

With joy in my heart

I am dancing

No inhibitions

Owning the streets

With glistening sunlight

I am smiling

Living the moment

One with Earth


[1: 1,421 of 10,000] 7 Years Later

In Short Story on March 22, 2015 at 5:17 PM


I enjoy sipping my milk tea at the first class lounge as I search for the right word to complete my poem, and then I turned around and there he is, he looked exactly the same even after 7 years.

“Sarah?!” I heard him say my name once again in his kind manly voice and it’s beautiful. As for our facial reaction, I probably have the same odd look like his painted all over our faces.

“Tim! Wow! I didn’t expect to see you at all,” God my heart is beating so loud; I was hoping he doesn’t hear it or I pray that my heart doesn’t jump out of my chest.

“You were hiding from me?!” I laughed and and he gorgeously smiled, the smile that I have always love.

I tried to be casual and polite, “How are you?”

He looked at me, almost piercing, and said, “I still miss you.”

“Seriously? Still the same line?” I joked.

“You don’t forget people that you love and you don’t stop missing people who have given you so much joy.”

“Awww you’re making me cry!” and yes, my eyes were starting to water and so do his. “What are you up to?”

“Business is good. Divorced. No child.”

“That’s brief,” I said but in my mind… Was I actually rejoicing hearing those lines? Is he telling the truth?

“And you?” he asked back.

“Happy, writing, and I immensely enjoy seeing the world and meeting people.”

“Still not married?” he asked with a serious look.



“I’m not so sure… I guess I was waiting for the same man who broke my heart to fix it.”

“Where is that man?”

I couldn’t answer. I was just staring at him.

“You are still quiet and not sharing your personal story… so cute!”

“Shall I treat you for a drink? You’ve always been my booze fairy, I feel like I have an obligation to return the favour,” trying to completely change the topic.

“Why not, apple vodka,” he answered.

“Still apple vodka, I guess some things never do change!” I teased. I ordered his drink and I just look at him. I remember the days when I love looking at his handsome face and he liked me staying close in the room with him even without exchanging words.

I was lost in my thoughts when he suddenly hold my hand, so I woke up from daydreaming.

“Sarah… I am here because I really want to see you.”

My heart was pounding so hard, I almost couldn’t breathe, what was he talking about.

“I got very successful in business and yet I have never found peace as you have brought into my life. I love you Sarah and I am going to do everything to have you back in my life.”

My hands were trembling and I couldn’t answer. My tears on the other hand didn’t have enough strength to help itself.

“Please don’t cry,” he pleads, and in his softest voice, “I’ve always regret the days that I made you cry or disappointed you.”

I’ve waited for those words, for 7 years.

“Tim, kiss me,” I said with such decisiveness and he smiled, the gorgeous smile.

I’m letting my guard down again, because I couldn’t explain why I love him and I will never find a reason why I should ever stop.


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