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[1: 1,685 of 10,000] It’s The Next Chapter

In Journal on February 9, 2016 at 10:32 PM

Next ChapterI finally appreciate the meaning of The Next Chapter and all its magnificence. I am looking at life with fresh new eyes and I could feel the intensity, the beauty, the love, the magic… also I was drinking too much coffee to be awake and alert!

In life, a person is expected to live, learn, thrive, fail, rise, enjoy, and hope. Everything has a reason that is part of the whole tapestry and it is all right to leave a chapter behind to write a new one.

An ending of a chapter is not an ending of it all. We always have the opportunity to see the delight of a new beginning. To have an elevated expression and appreciation.

Thank you.


[1: 1,684 of 10,000] Why So Serious?

In Journal on February 5, 2016 at 10:24 AM

Why So Serious

Why so serious?

Lighten up and it’s okay if it’s not perfect.

Yes, I am reminding myself and quite proud that I am starting to be softer to my imperfections because I know that I am growing better every single day. Baby steps!

Did you ever join a performance? I was studying in a Chinese school in elementary and we were requested by the town that we would be performing a Chinese dance during one of the festivals. We practised so much to make sure that we’ll be amazing and there was a mishap and yet we’re okay. It’s okay that it’s not always perfect! We actually got away with it, but we knew we screw up a little.

Be intensed, the right amount of intensity.

Tap yourself on the back when you’ve managed to smile and accomplish something today.

Yay life! Yay I live!

[1: 1,683 of 10,000] The Path

In List on February 5, 2016 at 7:56 AM

The Path

The path –

  1. Ponder for a plan, a great goal.
  2. Start moving towards the realisation.
  3. Stumble, make mistakes, and always enjoy the journey.
  4. Pause, rest, and admire where it’s all been.
  5. Move again.
  6. Share, mentor, and be grateful.
  7. Repeat, improve, and challenge to get elevated in every new plan.

And it’s that simple but not as easy. Along the way, I needed to put all these magical ingredients –

  1. Believe on myself.
  2. Have faith for a higher order of things and learn to surrender about the result.
  3. Pour love, dedication, and time.
  4. Learn and work with others, but never forget my own personal journey that only I can sense it.

Live gregariously! No self-doubt, no hesitation, and no giving up.

What are we waiting for? ;)


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