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[1: 1,784 of 10,000] When Iā€™m Not Blogging

In Journal on September 14, 2016 at 9:40 PM


When I am not blogging it means I am giving my utmost concentration to my demanding and paying career. While I am enjoying a very looooooooong weekend break because of the Eid Al Adha celebration here in United Arab Emirates, then I have no reason not to give ample time to blog.

When I am not blogging I do feel like a piece of me dies silently, without even giving a fight. Like a lamb being sacrificed, it doesn’t rebel, shouts to fight back, but it just cries in silent but it haunts me, it robs me of my peace. I recognise that I do need to write, not really because I identify myself to it, I blog without getting paid (for now), I need to write because I have a voice and I love doing it.

When I am not blogging then it means I am being lazy or not pulling every ounce of I can still do more. I am in my plateau mode that I have not tried to do new thing. Not growing, not making mistake, not daring… it means not having new experience to write or bottom line not LIVING.

It is a challenge if I could keep up writing daily again, especially that I am up for a long vacation starting next weekend. It’s an EFFORT, so YOR are you up for it? I like to say YES, I really do, but action is better than a written commitment.šŸ˜€

[1: 1,783 of 10,000] Out

In Journal on September 13, 2016 at 11:32 AM


My best cure right now for not being bored is to go out! Drive and go out of town for a day.

It was really refreshing to see things for the first time! I remember doing things I’ve never done and it lights up my curiosity and become a true sponge soaking the experience.

It was fantastic to visit two new malls that I’ve never been – The Galleria from Al Maryah Island and The Outlet Village, that satisfied both my palette and shopping therapy requirement. It was a true delight to find a very delicious and satisfying Caramel Macchiato from Godiva Chocolate Cafe and dining to a new Chinese restaurant called Dai Pai Dong. I scored a 70% off leather Tod’s loafer and 60% off Dolce & Gabbana baby jacket. I was having fun getting new work dress from Armani Exchange and Banana Republic with a totally ripped off price.

I am trying to contain myself not to go out again today; otherwise this becomes my new addiction. Yay!šŸ™‚


[1: 1,782 of 10,000] What Death Really Means?

In Journal on September 12, 2016 at 7:17 AM


Can we really treat death like an end of suffering?

What is suffering? Is that the incessant voice in our head that constantly shoot our softest part that if we are not strong is enough to put us down in this lifetime?

What really lies ahead of us that makes us rushed to go to the next realm or too scared and wary to move forward into the unknown?

Is it truly a progression? Is it really an absence of work; not just about actual toiling but the necessity to face fear and put on courage?

We were given various glimpse of what are ahead of us. There are choices, they say there is an option to roam around as ghost unable to move on, to be cleansed at the purgatory with an abyss of damnation, the actual hell, or there’s heaven.

If there is a next life ahead; what is living on Earth for? Is it a test or a preparation? The school of schools? An actual hell?

I don’t know the answer and right now I am at peace of not knowing.