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[1: 1,481 of 10,000] Training My Reflexes To Focus

In Article on May 29, 2015 at 10:23 AM

My Beautiful MindWhenever I make my daily blog post, my mind shoots in every direction that I can be totally into my typing and then I start to drift to various websites, sometimes for inspiration, or multi-task to do or think something else away from my laptop (that dry laundry needs folding, I got to make new batch of ice cubes, etc.), and the danger is I have become unfocused that I wandered off. Putting the tags and selecting a category before I am done with the post is a lazy excuse to not focus to write well. In this post, I am training myself to finish before I even consider leaving the writing page. And so it begins…

The only time that it should be valid to leave is when it’s time to find the perfect image that described the post or I needed a bit of research to serve a substantial write-up especially right now this is my consistent daily job, to write a blog that makes sense. It would be nice that I could start making money to support my financial needs by doing what I love to do. I’d been doing some reading about it and it’s fascinating but involved hard works. It all goes back to hard works, devoting energy and soaking up what needs to be learned to move forward.

I am also reading and practising living in the NOW (Present Moment) through Eckhart Tolle’s book. I am slowly grasping his teaching and not wandering off to finish this blog, I could really feel that I am more focused and in the present. The most beautiful gift of the present unless there is a bomb over my head is I feel peaceful.

When I was in school, Essay was my favourite type of test from the choices of True or False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, and Matching Type. Writing a blog post is always like writing an Essay where there is freedom to express your point of view but keeping in mind that the thought should be valid. In school, whenever I finish writing an essay though, I am not in a habit to reread it, it’s like it’s written, done, I am not changing my mind on anything. But now that I’m grown up, I feel the responsibility to really check my flow of thinking that it has to be palatable to the reader, to you reading this now, as my sign of respect and gratitude for you time of dropping by, but most especially I could only hope that I have given you an inspiration that would be beneficial in practice or as an entertainment.

There I’ve done it! I finished the post without wandering off and what I’ve discovered in me is a sense of accomplishment that I have my full attention to create it, I couldn’t believe I have easily reach more than 500 words (not that I aimed for long posts, I actually prefer short ones but substantial), and it was done faster than just waiting in one of my tabs supposedly for a longer time that sometimes it even reached at the very end of the day. It’s rewarding! If I practice doing one task at a time not just in writing a blog post, I could well be accomplishing more with quality.

Are you having problem focusing on one task at a time? Or have you overcome it? Share your story.

[1: 1,480 of 10,000] I Have No Reason To Complain

In Article on May 28, 2015 at 9:40 AM

I absolutely have no reason to complain about in my life. Anything I needed to achieve my happiness is on me. If I am thirsty, I could get myself a drink. If I don’t know anything, I could be inquisitive. If I am sad, I simply smile and it would trick my brain that I am actually happy, hence what am doing while typing this blog post in a coffee shop (no I am not checking who is looking at me weirdly wondering why I smile crazily because it is my life).

There are goals that are not quite easy to get and this is indeed a challenging part. It will require me to be more patient to work harder, to be creative to find another route, or enjoy the journey and laugh at the confusion that I could not necessarily understand now or ever. Whatever the result, what’s important is I show up and do something about it.

The hardest part of dreaming is the moment when I know in every inch of me that it’s time to relinquish my control. I don’t know if you believe that there is someone looking after us, someone bigger than we could ever imagine, and when I’m willing to let Him guide me after all I could ever do, He’ll bring me peace and the ultimate success that gives me fulfilment.

I long for fulfilment, which I define as having the complete feeling that I matter because I have done something that matter not just for myself but for someone else or serving more that I could ever imagine.


[1: 1,479 of 10,000] Photographs Trigger Emotions

In Article on May 27, 2015 at 12:10 PM


I was looking at old photos and it bring memories even if they are static things that don’t speak. I remember moments of joy, the only feeling I long from my personal collection.

I feel silly smiling and giggling going through each. The thoughts are so vivid that have more than what the lenses captured. It’s a web that create pictures in my head with the warm fuzzy feeling inside my whole being.

Move often, explore even more, and take more chances of the unknown. The mishaps and misadventures is the source of comedy that I was laughing about when I reminisce. Open your mind and heart to experiences because it is those surprises that make lasting joy. Don’t overthink. Plan but be adventurous enough to also let go of The Plan.

Life as I will always define it is full of wonders and I shall forever wonder! :)


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