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[1: 59 of 10,000] Ten Minutes Free Writing

In Article on January 20, 2011 at 8:22 PM

I remember that the free style writing was used by my college professor. I wrote like a whole page of bond paper and if she didn’t say stop I would have been writing on and on.

If you think of it, our mind is thinking non-stop and when we even try to catch what it thinks we’ll grow tired because it doesn’t stop talking or was it just my brain.

This year, I could feel the pressure I put on myself. Before 2010 ended, I bought this organizer that helped me make a plan and guess what every end of the month, asked how I did. Gosh, talking about a paper that actually demands for report. I know some would say it is silly to be enslaved by a piece of book but I want it too because I know that I will be able to achieve what I need at the end. Can you keep something between you and me; I have the tendency to procrastinate, so this is going to be a great leap of improvements.

Now now what should I tell you, would you like to know what is in my head? I am thinking about the list that I have to finish. I am also thinking about waking up early tomorrow to attend mass. Talking about waking up in the morning, my favorite first thing to do is smile then say ‘I love you God’. Then I forced myself to get up! At this cold time, it is hard to get up early and go in the shower.

I have 4 minutes more to spare, what else should I share, how about while taking a bath, I am still thinking the question ‘Why did you start blogging?’ and I also asked myself ‘What do I want out of writing?’ and the point that I asked it was an AHA moment and my answer: I write because I want to share my happiness to my readers. I share my thoughts and opinions for others to get ideas. I hope that they get entertained with my writing as they enjoy when watching a great movie or listening to a wonderful rhythm.

For my last minute, I like to share that my sister is asking me about the date of a certain movie we want to watch while I stay silent because I am quite busy typing. I can’t seem to avoid eavesdropping from the news on t.v. which is watched by my mom.

I like this exercise. Refreshing! 🙂

♥ this exercise page: Ten Minutes Free Writing Exercise

  1. Thanks for the fun link! I’ll try that someday 😉

    Kudos for still waking up for church, I also had trouble getting up early for Bible study a few years ago but never regreted going!!

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