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[1: 142 of 10,000] Paboritong Numero

In Article on March 21, 2011 at 5:18 AM

There is a certain number or set of numbers that we particularly adore and surprisingly many would say it’s the birth date.

A surprise Ice Cream Cake from Baskin-Robbins for 1 of my birthdays 🙂 2 things I love in life are in it, cake + ice cream!

Why do a lot of us pick our birth date in single or double digit as our favorite number? My wildest guess is we have a sense of ownership on that 1 day amongst the 365 in a year. On our birthday, we get to be showered with love, given with abundant gifts, or even organized with surprise party – in honor of just 1 person, ME, our self. With all those special attentions why wouldn’t we pick it as our paboritong numero!

How do you feel seeing your favorite number? Is there a sense of obsession? I got an attempt to add it in my first ever email address right after my name until that account got hacked by a seriously naughty cyber criminal. It gives me a smile when I read a novel and of all the dates to choose from, my birth date was published. When I buy things, it is of no surprise that I buy it in the quantity of my favorite number which is not 100 😀 by the way. When assessing my previous decisions in life, my favorite number is apparent, or is it just an illusion or a mere coincidence. So far I am not obsessed.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have a favorite number? I am sure there is someone still puzzled which to answer for this 1 common question, here are leading questions to find out. (a) What pin code do you always use on your ATM card? Or you use the suggested numbers and just memorize it? Geez you’re really not a number fan. (b) What is your favorite holiday? You may use the date of that day as your favorite. (c) When you’re writing from 0 to 9, what makes you smile? If these three suggested questions still don’t lead you to a particular favorite, no worries! See next thought.

Is there an advantage in the first place to have a favorite number? It’s the simple joy for me but I don’t see a big deal importance whether you got a favorite number or not. The best thing about it though is having 1 would stop us for being clueless on what to answer if that question is ever asked but it’s not like it is still important to always have an answer about it. If you’ve heard about Numerology where they add this and that and viola a certain number will come out as our lucky number and it will changed us – now that’s a whole new ball game but I don’t buy it because I don’t want to be lucky with just 1 particular number; I would want to be lucky on all numbers whichever is favorable for me in a particular situation. Would you want to have 0 (zero) for your test exams, of course a perfect 100% is the best. Would you want No. 2 in a competition, of course the No. 1 is favored!

So much words were typed about number, are you curious which 1 is mine? It is the ravishing glamorous exciting number 2.

*Paboritong Numero – Tagalog words that mean “Favorite Number”

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