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[1: 151 of 10,000] Ten Ways To Make A Blogger Blushed With Happiness

In Article on March 29, 2011 at 9:57 AM

Mona Lisa Blushed

  1. A message from a reader that says the post didn’t only sprinkled inspiration but was able to guide in a life changing decision for the best. Root reason for writing is to speak to someone’s consciousness and boom an epic ripple.
  2. Be featured in an audience aside from the Blog Community like Newspaper or Television. Fame-Famous-Fabulous!
  3. The honor of being included on a blogroll.
  4. Be mentioned in someone else’s blog and hearing them describe what you’re up to. This is dead charming.
  5. Get picked by WordPress for Freshly Pressed and uhm the Homepage would make anyone ecstatic! Exposure-Connecting-Delivering!
  6. Having subscribers who I’ve never even met in person. They’ve love the blogger for the creativity, so cool!
  7. Getting quoted. Feeling philosopher.
  8. Getting pinged back. Linked.
  9. Having regular visitors who simply liked your post and press that star button. Wow factor!
  10. Receiving comments to moderate and definitely approved 🙂 except the spam, sorry spam! Interaction!

So go on, do the above and you would surely make me and the million bloggers blushing with smile from ear to ear while ah yes TYPING-CLICKING-UPLOADING.

  1. maybe it is good, if you don’t need much feedback.
    if you enjoy simply to write and to design a website …
    for your own daily fun – why not?

    • True – writing for fun’s sake.

      We can never please everybody so keep on writing what we believe is crucial and not to write what is simply expected – it should be free flow and no inhibitions just so long as there’s truth.

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