Yor Ryeter

[1: 160 of 10,000] Drug Mule

In Article on April 6, 2011 at 4:50 PM

From the Philippine news, the drug mule crime is getting exposed more and more after three Filipinos sentenced with death by the Chinese Government due to drug trafficking. The Investigation Discovery cites the top 8 methods of smuggling drugs that include using puppies which I’ve only seen in movies; I didn’t expect that flip flops, children, and laptops were commonly used too, no wonder airport securities trust no one and would request you to go through inspection almost bare naked.

Why does drug mule do this? Some claim that they are innocent (naive) that they’re already being used as trafficker. But for those who are well aware of the deal in exchange of a big amount of money (for the mule’s point of view), is it worth it? I am not even talking about the risk of getting caught but for their conscience that if the drugs fall on the hands of the user, it could translate for more crimes due to inability to decide sanely.

Maybe I don’t know what the mules were feeling the moment they got hold of the easy bucks earned because it would mean maybe saving a life of someone they loved that they forgot to consider a possible loss of life in another family. I wish people would always put what is good, work hard, learn from the best, and not to fall on fantasy and crime. I probably could not judge their reasons for their actions but the deed is just undeniably wrong.

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