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[1: 161 of 10,000] Colbie Caillat Described My Feeling

In Journal on April 6, 2011 at 8:41 PM

I started the day pretty sad that I am sick again. I noticed that I get sick a lot lately everytime I try to use all my energy pretending I’m superwoman. I guess as I age I have to get healthier, it’s a sign that I’ve been ignoring, I cannot be awake 24 hours and expect a simple coffee can cure the exhaustion!

So anyway I found the music video “I Do” of Colbie Caillat (who by the way the 98% singer in my iPod because I love her voice, melody, and lyrics) and the video started with sad faces (my feeling whenever I move some kind of a muscle aches) and then 85% of the video it’s all smiley faces here and there in the cutest possible materials (my feeling as my fever goes away and I felt stronger and rested). If you’ve seen the video you probably saw what I mean, if not yet feel free to watch below 🙂

  1. nice, that you have added a youtube video now …
    and thanks for your kind comment to my auto-biography
    and the term UNBESCHWERTHEIT …

    • This is actually my 2nd time to post a video 🙂 The significant 1st time was the https://ittakes10k.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/1-81-of-10000-fireworks post.

      Your autobiography was inspiring, I couldn’t express my feelings in words but I sure love the new word I found at the ending; I just have to learn about how to properly pronounce it. I’ve always respect your opinion because you’re a professional writer; now you’ve won me over in a different kind of level. Amazing inspiration!

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