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[1: 180 of 10,000] My 1st Dubai Criminal Record (Not Proud)

In Journal on April 18, 2011 at 8:32 PM

I wasn’t expecting that today I finally get the coveted criminal record of all time, okay that’s an exaggeration for the coveted but I thought I could get away from it but it’s a good wake up call to cross at the right zebra lanes. I was fined for AED 200 (USD 55) for Jaywalking an 8-meter 2-way road.

I wasn’t defensive but the surprise incident changed my morning and discovered I wasn’t keen enough to my surroundings. Somehow I was sensing something was so wrong but still I didn’t see the authorities in disguise and that sucks, I am way too far for being a Sherlock Holmes.

Talking about the fine, I was thinking about the possible good buys!

I could have purchased 2 new pairs of American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans.

Or there goes the 50 Shawarmas (usually in beef or chicken meat with veggies and white sauce rolled in Arabic bread) that I could have shared to labourers.

The incident pushed me to go to the proper pedestrian crossing, a little more stride than the usual, and discovered the right way was a pretty way with a better shade, cleaner paths, and no need to dance Cha Cha with the vehicles.

I also thought of possible gags for the incident…

CORNY Joke No. 1

Me: Sir, what is my violation?

Officer: Jaywalking

Me: I’m sorry but there is a big mistake!

Officer: Which is?

Me: My name isn’t Jay! You’ve mistaken me with someone. (Funny thing is one of my friends whose name is Jay is celebrating his birthday today, look at the odds.)

CORNY Joke No. 2

Another power wish that I have is the ability to float and when the authority calls my attention, I’ll say, “But I wasn’t walking, I was floating!” and when he looked at me, viola, still floating.

I got 15 days to pay the fine and retrieve my labor card. And as per Instruction at the back of the Traffic Violation Receipt, No. 4 – Violators have the right to object. Should I use Joke 1 because I still can’t levitate? Or plead for insanity?

Seriously, I was wrong and I am sorry. I now advocate walking on Ped Xing and truly follow traffic rules because it is for everyone’s safety!

Picking the short cut is not really a short cut if I’ll end up in a hospital with a broken bone. Additional positive note, it’s an extra stride indeed but a good way to burn unnecessary calories and keep my muscles toned. 😉

  1. Hi, can you post what the receipt looks like? The front & back images? My friend got caught as well recently…. But she is suspicious about the receipt since it was already filled and all are in Arabic….

    • Hi Jieper, unfortunately I don’t have the receipt anymore, if I am not mistaken they got it back when I paid the fine. To make it valid, when your friend got caught (I hope that’s in Dubai?):

      (1) Did they take any identification card from your friend in exchange of the receipt?
      (2) Did the officer (usually not in uniform but they have ID to show that they’re authorized) tell your friend where to claim the identification card?

      When I got caught, the officer told me where I can claim the identification card that I gave them in exchange of the receipt. They told me it’s in Al Barsha so I went there showing them the all Arabic Receipt (except some guidelines at the back and title on the front), I paid the fine of AED 200 + AED 10 for the processing, then they returned my I.D. back.

      I hope it helps.

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