Yor Ryeter

[1: 187 of 10,000] Duel

In Journal on April 24, 2011 at 10:25 AM


My world revolved on my responsibility as the Editor-In-Chief of our college’s yearbook (concern that it must come out immediately after graduation), and yes excited about graduating college. I wasn’t even concern about getting a job; I was just in the moment finishing the last minute college touches.


All I think about is my career and establishing businesses. I think passionately about my contribution to the world other than just existing and occupying a space.


Both are single. Childish sometimes but focused for the positive and result most of the times. If there is one thing that they will debate about it would be… This is hard, what would they debate about. For sure, the young I will be curious to listen to my older self and find out how to properly play life. So far the beliefs that I have before are still the same as now but a lot deeper and have more reasons.

In terms of games, chess or running is not really my thing but if they are to fight for Table Tennis or Badminton matches, the younger version of me would definitely win because it has more practice and a lot fitter physically. This reminds me for the nth time that I need to keep my older I fit. 😀

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