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[1: 198 of 10,000] Master Chef Australia, Season 2, Episode 55

In Article on May 3, 2011 at 3:20 PM
I am currently addicted to Master Chef Australia Season 2. I really appreciate how the amateur chefs grow and surprise the judges in wowing them with what they serve. Last night’s episode (Fox Channel) they were asked to recreate the dishes of Chef Heston Blumenthal and it was amazing. (Note to self, go to U.K. to eat at The Fat Duck or wait for the restaurant to come to Dubai, hopefully soon! I want to taste the dishes of Chef Heston because based from what I’ve watched he really awaken the senses.)

Chef Heston Blumenthal (man in the center) guiding two of the contestants. Photo source: Master Chef Australia Official Website.

One of the dishes that were part of the challenge was Sound of the Sea. Everything on the transparent glass was edible, including the sand looking ingredient.

Photo Source: Charles Haynes, http://www.flickr.com/photos/haynes

And how can it be called the Sound of the Sea if you don’t hear anything? Surprise! The dish is accompanied by a conch shell with mini iPod inside, before digging in for the dish, better put on the earphones and be transformed in a cool beach through the sound of sea waves playing to complete the experience. (Photo source: garyalanfine)

Photo Source: garyalanfine

Additional trivia: This dish was formulated for three years before it goes out on the menu and yet two of the contestants did it for the first time, good thing is they’ve pulled it off.

Chef Heston was truly admirable, he is creative extraordinaire, and I wouldn’t be surprised that one of the contestants, Jonathan, revealed he was one of the reasons he wanted to become a great chef. It’s good finding people who live their passion!

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