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[1: 218 of 10,000] Kimora Twitting Fab Names

In Article on May 19, 2011 at 11:17 PM

I am one of the more than half a million followers of Kimora Lee Simmons (@OfficialKimora) on Twitter.

I started to like her when I watch her reality TV show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane and found out how driven she is! She reveals her fears yet time and again conquer every single one of them. She can also keep a balance to be successful for both family love life and the hectic professional slice.

May 15, there was an active challenge on Twit wherein her fabulous followers described their ethnicity and she’ll give them a fab name or more like mixing fashion + delish chow + just fun sexy word. Here are my 10 favorites (bold were the answers of Kimora):

  1. @jazzyt8991: I’m Black, Irish, Japanese, and Filipino #WhoAmI – Golden Sake
  2. @MarieeLove_: I’m Irish, African, American, Libyan, Cherokee, and French #WhoAmI – Sexy Caramel!
  3. @KasseyHD: Puertorican and Native Indian speaks her mind #WhoAmI – Freakin Rican!
  4. @lesterlot: 100% Mexican #WhoAmI – Hot Tamale!
  5. @yenimao: #WhoAmI Hiralious! What am I gay Chinese Canadian artist – Orchid! Lol!
  6. @AnylicioousBaby: I’m Black & Arabian #WhoAmI?! – Arabian Nite
  7. @Cherubinsky: I’m Black, British with a Jamaican twist #WhoAmI – British Coco!
  8. @Rains_tango: I am Bruneian, Malaysian, Thai, Chinese #WhoAmI – Princess
  9. @ChikoJ: I’m Black, Korean, Japanese. Got 2 beautiful daughters and a son. Married to some fine sexual chocolate. #WhoAmI – Kimora Lee!!
  10. And finally –

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