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[1: 219 of 10,000] Born With This Package

In Article on May 20, 2011 at 2:12 AM

Have you ever wondered why you were born with who and what you were born with? I always wondered why do I have this blood lines that contributed to my feature and culture, which I grew up with. Why was I born in that country? Is there a higher calling or am I just rationalizing if I am given a lemon make lemonade?

If you read the book of The Purpose Driven Life, the writer said that God have specifically chosen our parents so that we can end up to who we are! (I have issue on that perception though; just think about incest case, not really a pleasing thought anymore.) But I sincerely believe that God loves each and everyone and He has such high adoration He wanted us to fulfill what we’re supposed to share to the world, doing our passion the best way we can serve others.

Am I asking this question because I envy the other nationalities or the ones born with super intelligence, fortune, and power? I know that each person will only have battles he can won over and having said that it is our utmost individual duty to always work for our desires without whining, with working on what we don’t have to get what we needed.

Given the amazing chance to ask God, I’ll utter why was I born in that particular country? Is it because I need to learn from it or serve it? Is it like being born with my parents that it was decided for me? Should I stick around or it comes with a user manual that all along the choice is mine to make when it’s time to make the decision?

What I know for sure, every individual is unique and has a beautiful self to share to the world. One day the answer will be confirmed in me and for sure for now I shall live with respect to where I came from, live with pride for who I am, and breathe with purpose as I live with responsibility. It’s not too much to ask for someone like me gifted with a family, friends, education, career, hobby, a home, eating three meals a day with snacks in between if I prefer to, drink clean water, an access to the Internet, able to read, write, vote, and be recognized as a woman who can exercise my rights. I am blessed and I should not fail to see that I got the tools I needed to aid me on where I want to embark. It’s all with me. Come on throw me lemons and I’ll make a to-die-for glazed lemon chicken!

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