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[1: 224 of 10,000] Wanted: New Friend

In Article on May 25, 2011 at 7:50 PM

The best way to surprise a friend on her birthday is to give her a Sugar House Concorde Cake (chocolate meringue topping that looks like twigs + subtle yellow soft & moist sponge cake) even if I am 9 hours flight away.

I’d been here in Dubai for more than 3 years but I have yet to find new friend/s. There is one person that I like but she’s my youngest sister’s friend so I don’t want to mingle although my family considers the gal as our sister and my mom’s extended daughter. Another was quite good but we don’t see each other often now so she can’t be considered a good friend, just a good acquaintance.

How did I find my bestest friends anyway?

Most of them I met from my 1st ever attempt on employment life in 2001 at an I.T. company; I am still in contact with them constantly to date. I met my bestest friend, who I even consider as my sister, in one of the I.T. companies that I’ve worked with too, and that sister of mine is also now a part of our group from 2001.

What are our similarities?

  1. We are fascinated with technology even if my background is more on Marketing and Business Development.
  2. We love our family.
  3. We like Tequila or wait I love Tequila but they love it that I love it while they settle for beer that I can’t like at all.
  4. We support and encourage one another.
  5. We laugh at the same silly things.
  6. We get mad on the same critical issues.
  7. We work hard and party like there’s no tomorrow.
  8. We love making our parties even complete with kiddy games.
  9. We love giving each other surprises that bring simple joys in a non-incidental day. We know what each other like the most.
  10. We’re not good friends, not even bestest friends, we’re family without a need of blood relation because the relationship lied on our common interest and sincere love for one another.

A good friendship withstands distance and even non-communication, it knows unspoken boundaries, and it makes you grow to be the best that you can be. A close one may or may not exist to be part of our life but they are still a blessing but not yet on a family level.

  1. Wonderful post and I need friends too! ♥ It takes a friend to be a friend…. so be my friend ♥ Jackie

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