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[1: 225 of 10,000] Ultimate Recycler

In Article on May 26, 2011 at 7:49 PM

I’m not sure about your opinion but I really like a clean surrounding. Unfortunately we have so many consumer products that it is starting to clutter our environment.

Dubai is somewhat clean compared to the other developing countries but still some people don’t have the discipline to throw their trash to the right bin like literally they cannot hold on to that empty mineral water or Styrofoam cup with Lipton Lemon Tea even until they see a garbage can.

I was thinking that a genius will invent the ULTIMATE RECYCLER, the BIG IDEA is:

  1. There’s a chic trash can in every 15 meters within the city (no more excuses to be lazy) and in every 25 meters in the deserted highways. Chic meaning it matches the building or wherever it is (e.g. blue walled building will have a matching blue trash bin.) Or require every building to make a rectangular trash bin that will be connected to the Ultimate Recycler.
  2. The connection will happen underground through nice pipes. The bin will automatically cleans itself too.
  3. Any trash thrown in the bin will have the Ultimate Recycler intelligently sort it out and dispose it in the Central Recycler.
  4. Central Recycler will be like Santa Claus’ toy shop where biodegradable waste can become fertilizer for plants, plastic are cleaned or can be reshaped into another bottle for another purpose, etc. The ideal plan is no waste is simply a waste without purpose.

I hope that this endeavor will reduce pollution, we become efficient with our resources, and yes make the environment super clean! Isn’t that refreshing? Now who is the genius who can do this, I’m sure that team exists! 🙂

Photo source: http://fileserver.tinker.com/tinker/events/4/4328_main_image_1245250922.jpg

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