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[1: 257 of 10,000] The Tomato Story

In Article on June 18, 2011 at 10:43 AM

I have not tried it before but I’ve always heard that when a spoil tomato is added in a basket of good tomatoes, the bad one could ruin the whole bunch.

I was supposed to go to a certain lesson last weekend but the organization doesn’t have a proper location map and every time I called them for proper direction to get to their place (no landmark, no exact street no., no building no.; okay they gave me a name of the centre but it wasn’t very famous even a resident in the area doesn’t know it) I was answered with suspicion (that the taxi driver is deceiving me – which is totally a sham because how can the driver deceive me if I just got in the cab) and the sense of irritation (I get it she is busy and won’t be able to properly give a direction, she’s not a GPS in the first place). It gets me thinking, here is a new organization that I am supposed to meet for the first time with the purpose of learning; but the first impression that they delivered were unhelpful and quite negative. The taxi driver who I hired to get me to the place was kind and patient but to my dismay to the person who can’t direct me to the right place, I decided to just go back home without regrets but with a lesson learned.

A business should compose of great people, every single one of them, from President to the Office Boy. The incident showed me that if one person in the organization is rude it affects the image of the whole team. The Chairman knew about it so it looked like the leader approved the deed and it gave me the notion that it is not worth doing business with them. Politeness and truly helping could bring shorter way to success and longer story of success.

  1. even bad things are good – because we learn important things …

  2. I think co for which u were going to could b trying ur patience & ur smartness to reach the destination. I also about politeness but then it also taken as weakness of the bosses & they tend to b taken for a ride.

  3. I am quite peculiar about details and this time I didn’t push it because I sense negativity. I opt for my gut feeling that the things I was hoping to learn from them I could learn from someone more professional. I like to think it was a blessing in disguise. 🙂

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