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[1: 258 of 10,000] 12 Ways To Calm Me Down When I Am Mad

In Article on June 19, 2011 at 12:51 PM

I really give an effort to be calm at all times and be the sunlight of happiness and inspiration to the people around me; but no matter how I try to be nice there were moments that my buttons were pushed and I may explode. Over time though (yes a way of saying as I grow more mature, fine older) I’ve learned the best ways for me to calm down. I need to calm down because when I am mad my ears have the tendency to turn weirdly red and feel crazy hot (I have to admit that is one kind of a cartoon feature, possible supposedly on illustrations!).

Here is a dozen ways that I discovered from myself that can turn my madness to gladness:

  1. Pray for wisdom.
  2. Reflect to learn a lesson.
  3. Listen to an upbeat music, I usually prefer alternative.
  4. Read inspiring stories, sort of Chicken Soup tone.
  5. Drink a cold Pepsi or Coke whichever is available.
  6. Talk to my sister who can enlighten, encourage, and calm me. Unless I am fighting with her, I’ll talk to the other sister.
  7. Sent an email to my best friend and talk about good stuffs completely unrelated to what pissed me off.
  8. Watch television or movie that brings me to a whole other world.
  9. Write a rant blog.
  10. Forgive.
  11. Sleep because morning is my prompt for a wonderful chance to begin again.
  12. Decide to brush it off!
  1. Watch television or movie that brings me to a whole other world…

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