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[1: 260 of 10,000] Junior MasterChef Australia

In Article on June 21, 2011 at 1:00 AM

If you’ve been reading my blog posts you would probably know that I am in love with the reality television show MasterChef Australia Season 2 and just recently I was able to watch some episodes from the Junior MasterChef Season 1 and I was inspired and blown away. Below were some of the pioneer showcased dishes from the cheflings as Matt Preston cutely called them:

How cute is cute for the Top 12 Junior Australian Chefs? They are composed of passionate 9 to 11 years old who have the charm and drive to cook from their heart.

They made me watch in awe because I am very happy to see the kids living their dream, learning from great chefs who are mostly three times or more their age, and absolutely smart – they think, talk, and move like witty adults behind the fire!

They’ve watched the previous MasterChef Australia shows from their home and learned from them almost strategically… How strategic? They knew exactly when this certain dish was shown on which episode or what could win the judges favor – simply amazing!

Another crucial fact I saw at the beginning of the show is to see their families supporting each one of them to pursue their gift.

Meet the Junior MasterChef Class of 2010. Standing (l-r): Pierre, Jack, Sam, Isabella, Sofia, Alex, Emily and Cassidy. Sitting (l-r): Nick, Siena, Anthony and Lucy.

Photo Source: Official Website of MasterChef Australia

  1. Awww that is cute!!! I haven’t seen it yet. I am currently watching season 1 here on Dutch television. For some reason they showed season 2 before season 1 and I missed that. At least I’m starting at the beginning haha!! Happy watching and happy blogging!!

    Greetz Micky

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