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[1: 269 of 10,000] Choosing A Seat

In Article on June 30, 2011 at 4:47 PM

WordPress The Daily Post asked: Do you prefer the aisle or window when traveling? Why?

Psychologist will always find a significant meaning on whether you choose one or perhaps for not choosing at all; I guess I will be accused with multiple personalities because I choose or not choose anything depending on the circumstance –

It doesn’t matter whether aisle or window.

  • If I am with family member, I don’t mind whether I got the window side or aisle because I am sure I’ll enjoy the whole trip whether short or long distance. (If I am traveling with my youngest sister, I am sure I’ll be sitting at the aisle side, no doubt, and again I don’t mind.)
  • If the flight is full and all I want is to get to my destination.

Aisle’s Good Point.

  • If I am going to be sitting beside a stranger and I know I am going to pee along the travel, I prefer the aisle because I don’t feel comfortable requesting my seat mate to stand up just to let me pass through. (Hopefully I’d be flying business and first class all the time soon 😉 so no need to think about bothering anyone.)
  • Thankfully I have no fear of getting an elbow accident from food carts because it never happened.
  • Thankfully I never have a seatmate who needs to use the rest room for the nth time.

I prefer the Window!

  • If I’m very tired and planned to consider fly time as nap time, the window side is the perfect getaway to get the elusive rest.
  • The view. Nothing beats the closest and earliest chance to see the view. This was from our travel from Dubai to Egypt – long before the Tahrir incident.

Disclaimer: Fly Dubai did not pay me to promote their airline but I have to admit that I like their aircraft because it’s new, clean, and the service was delightfully friendly.

  1. I like looking at the window, especially if I’m travelling somewhere I’ve never been before.

  2. * Or rather I like looking OUT the window not AT it though I do that too.

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