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[1: 294 of 10,000] Trying To Be Funny

In Journal on July 18, 2011 at 9:16 AM

I admire comedienne because they are witty and can make a day fun. I got to admit that one of their ways to make a joke is mischievously criticizing someone’s qualities especially if the person is himself that way it’s less hurtful and acceptable. My sister said that I am funny sometimes so here is an original joke, which I thought was worth repeating (at home and we’ll see if it’ll work in the blogasphere) applying the above style.

I always buy this slimming tea (I’m about 140 lbs.) because it can make my toilet visit a lot easier. At the store –

Pharmacist: May I help you?

Yor: I’d like to buy 3 boxes of Slimming Tea.

Pharmacist: For you?

Yor: Yes (I say happily.)

Pharmacist: (Looking at me from head to toe and asked again…) How long have you been using it?

Yor: 6 months

Pharmacist: Girl, it’s not working.

I could just imagine the pharmacist thinking the above conversation because seriously the slimming tea really isn’t helping me lose the weight. 😀

  1. LOL I can imagine the pharmacist!

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