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[1: 298 of 10,000] Why Top 10 List Works

In Article, Calligraphy on July 21, 2011 at 11:00 PM

  1. People are competitive, making a Top 10 List or better yet make it to the Top 10 will always be coveted.
  2. The number one and zero go well together. It’s a perfect pair because they are opposite; one being nothing and the other being everything – putting them together creates a balance.
  3. With the monstrous ideas available in the world, to boil it down to Top 10 is a feat.
  4. People are busy. If we set a perfect 10 ideas on the plate they know exactly what the alpha and omega is. They either leave or stay depending on the greatness or lameness of the ideas.
  5. The creativity of the person comes out by laying down the Top 10, the entries progresses and creates anticipation and exhilaration.
  6. Not too long to make me fall asleep and not too short to leave me hanging from my excitement.
  7. People who are obsessive compulsive appreciate order and preciseness.
  8. If you adore following steps that work, don’t you just love if you got 10 tips to make something happen instead of 100.
  9. Because the “Top” and “Ten” both starts with “Letter T”, do you call it coincidence? How about they matched even more by having a total number of “Three Letters”? And just to make it more ridiculous of all the One to Ten only Ten has “Vowel Letter” like Top in the middle of the word. (I just needed another reason to complete my own Top Ten List. This entry proved that if we want something so badly, we can make so many reasons to make it seems reasonable.)
  10. Top 10 is great and kudos to the inventor.

Inspired by Scott Berkun of WordPress – The Daily Post.

  1. I love lists.

  2. wow… this is out of the box. Just a piece of advice for the competitive.. live your life and make the best of it… because if there would always seem to be someone better than you!
    I LOVE THIS POST… no screaming! there should be a love button for this one.

    • Awww that is sweet Joseph. You are right that people should live their best 😉 without being too hard on self with regards to someone else is better.

  3. What a great list of top 10…I am working on mine.

  4. the Christian GOD already knew that. He made a list of top ten behavior rules. nowadays we would call them “NETIQUETTE”

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