Yor Ryeter

[1: 315 of 10,000] The Next Three Days

In Review on August 5, 2011 at 2:06 AM

I just watched the movie The Next Three Days, which was written by Paul Haggis (also the Director), Fred Cavayé, and Guillaume Lemans, and it made me nervous like crazy. As my sister pointed out the character played by Russell Crowe is a regular guy, not an action superstar or a highly experienced detective, just a charming husband, a loving father, and a university professor. I was so worried for his plans and actions.

I know he was Russell Crowe and I know it’s just a movie but what if we really get into a situation wherein we’ve been trying to tell the truth but the established law or system just doesn’t listen. Will it be beneficial to risk it all for the sake of being reunited with the whole family?

The movie was a good inspiration on pursuing what is right (not the part of stealing and killing) but breaking the rule and conquer the impossible. I love the idea that he loves and trusts his wife that he doesn’t need to ask if she did commit a murder. His being a father and a husband were commendable; it was gentle, patient, and a picture of unconditional love. It was crazy and hectic but it was the right decision to go back for the son; with or without enough time but what’s the worth of escaping and aiming for a whole family if someone is missing from the puzzle. It was a pretty good thriller & drama movie.

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