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[1: 321 of 10,000] Receiving Copy Explored

In Article, Reference on August 10, 2011 at 7:21 PM

Receiving Copy is a photocopy of an original document and is usually requested to be signed by the recipient of the original document.

Pro of Signing or a Signed Receiving Copy

  • A testament that the recipient is confident that the paper will be treated appropriately.
  • A good track of who has the original paper.
  • It can pin point the person responsible to either file the paper or move it to the next process necessary.
  • Signature is usually accompanied by Date Stamp so it’s a good reference for a document’s age too.

Con of Asking a Receiving Copy to be Signed

The only con is the attitude of the people who are afraid to sign.

  • Some people may feel insulted if they need to sign a document because they claim to be in a position that doesn’t need to receive – the secretary can do but the weird part is some secretary has the same air of arrogance especially if he or she is the owner’s assistant.
  • Some people may feel they are not trusted that they will do their job but most often that not they are actually the people who either forgot to really do their job or intentionally don’t want to do their job.

Rule of Thumb: There is nothing wrong on signing a receiving copy, stamp it with the word received and the date. Signing shows confidence and being responsible. Then, at the end, be really keen to move the document to the right next step.

Big No No: Don’t receive a document that is not within your responsibility but be helpful to direct the giver to the right recipient if you do know.

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