Yor Ryeter

[1: 343 of 10,000] Talking With A Stranger In 210 Minutes

In Article on August 27, 2011 at 12:01 AM

I met a stranger who was a palm reader and a psychic too. I gave him scans of my palms because I was curious. I didn’t really know what he looks like so we decided to meet at a coffee shop; public place is always a safe location. I texted him where was I seated and what am wearing but I never know who he is. I got to admit that I am taking a risk and being courageous of the unknown; I was learning to trust the unknown.

Seated and waiting for his arrival I was praying (1) he doesn’t wear a turban or (2) something that gets attention, you know the ones that you’ve passed through him but you just got to make the second or even the third look back, (3) he doesn’t look weird with big scrutinizing eyes, or (4) the worst fear I have is he’ll hypnotize me and go crazy.

He found me and we talked. For 210 minutes I was listening to him, most of the time, and he told me what he sees in me, and he told me stories of his life and adventures. It was refreshing to talk to someone that long without prejudice but enjoying the stories on the table and the mystery of would be and is.

We should do that once a month, having a conversation with someone and we’ll learn a new world in his eyes. It was quite amazing and the rule is it’s not an obligation to see the person ever again, kind of like a one night stand only what stake is life stories that awaken the creativity especially for writers like us – searching for a new angle.

  1. We should do that once a month, having a conversation… – yes, monthly I play guitar in a café – and have many interesting conversations after playing …

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