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[1: 350 of 10,000] When do we say enough for photo op?

In Article on September 1, 2011 at 5:07 PM

Lately I felt like visiting new restaurant and dining new food become less enjoyable because of digital camera and smart phone.

Imagine this scenario, I went into this new restaurant where I’ve read and heard great words, I browsed the menu, gave my order, and here comes the delicious looking food. Right before I took a bite, photo ops were made, twist a little here, move a little there, by the time I am really going to eat I seem to lose my appetite because the excitement left and I felt like I did a work when I am supposed to be having fun.

I feel bad for the urge to immediately share things to everyone over the Internet. I miss the conversation on the dining table from the moment we (me and my companions) walk in the restaurant until we finish the last scoop of dessert. I crave for the eye to eye contacts and laughter without the interruption of gadgets. Are we too busy to just keep a memory inside our head that we need to refer for photographs to look back at to relive the feeling? I know people who love taking photos would probably kick me for even saying no cameras and phones while dining. So do you know what I am wishing right now? – That I’d be super rich, a photographer comes with me all the time, and takes a photo of me and my friends without interrupting us.

There is an advantage of taking photo, I'd remember how my breakfast plate looked like at that exact time and in that amazing view.

For the sake of respecting the food and my companions, I hope the next time we dine out, they’ll agree for a maximum of 10 seconds photo op and that’s it so we may enjoy each other’s company! 10 seconds is quite quick but a good way to become brilliantly creative in a short period of time and it will sure add as a fun challenge on how it’ll turn out… Unless I’d land on a food critiquing or a food writing assignment and I have the ultimate mission to document and share.

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