Yor Ryeter

[1: 368 of 10,000] Dirty Yellow Slippers

In Journal on September 18, 2011 at 12:01 AM

I spent some crucial hours at Rashid Hospital (Dubai) few days ago, a specialist of trauma (if you know anyone who got into an accident in Dubai, it’s the first hospital where you got to be searching). At the hospital I noticed that patients’ companions were holding the patients’ slippers but when we were in one of the secluded resuscitating rooms we saw a pair of yellow slippers that was left behind.

Either the patient left it or the patient’s companion. The pair was quite dirty and it seemed to look like it belonged to a laborer or someone who got into a messy accident. I felt uneasy seeing those slippers get left behind. Maybe the companion was so nervous that he or she didn’t mind leaving it or the patient was alone and he got no strength to get his own belonging; whichever it is the yellow slippers made me really sad.

I will never see a pair of slippers the same way again especially if I am in a hospital. It will remind me that I too was holding my mom’s slippers when we rushed her to the hospital through an ambulance (Dubai response time for ambulance is impressive, quick and helpful) and the medical experts were attending her. It was terrifying but a good reminder that life is short with lots of surprises and lessons to be learned.

P.S. I am forever grateful to the caring and talented people at Rashid Hospital who stabilized my mom. They acted as our angels at those crucial moments.

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