Yor Ryeter

[1: 373 of 10,000] We Can Get Along

In Article on September 22, 2011 at 9:19 AM

Have you experienced taking someone for granted? Have you bullied your parents, sibling, friends, and relatives? Have you mistreated your family more than your friends? If you’ve answered YES to any of the questions then that is exactly where the problem lies on why we can’t achieve peace, cooperation, and loving one another.

If the people who love us (our families) and the people we chose to belong to (our friends) are taken for granted then what more on how we treat a stranger whom we do not know or cared about?

Here in United Arab Emirates (UAE) I have to say that I’ve seen Emirati culture to be closed family tie or they respect and help one another like the Chinese (expats and turned local) culture in the Philippines. There is no such thing as crab mentality but more so on building one another become successful. But what is the problem of the neighboring countries of UAE as I’ve observed:

  • It may be wealthy in terms of natural resources but lead by a dictator or someone people no longer respect, trust, and follow.
  • They belong to the developing country category that most of the population struggle to gain comfortable life.
  • The people who are in position think only of themselves and forgot to serve.
  • The people who are hard at work pitied themselves instead of striving to gain more skills and do better in life.

The reason why there is no peace is because there are hunger for power, envy, and greed for wealth. The truth is to eliminate the negative and achieve the goal for peace is that EVERYONE IS RESPONSIBLE! There is a need to work together provided there are apparent differences which in the long run would be beneficial as diverse points of view would make challenges creatively solved. Peace is achievable. I am happy living in UAE because it is peaceful. So if UAE can why can’t the other Middle East countries do it or anywhere else.

  1. I am happy to live in Australia because it is peaceful. We all speak English, more or less, but you can find a lot of people who speak a different language besides English, I think more than a hundred different languages are spoken in Australia because people come from diverse backgrounds. They live quite peacefully side by side, I mean people who used to fight each other in the countries where they came from somehow manage to live in Australia. side by side. I wonder why?
    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, dear Ryeter,. I like your optimism. If more people are going to develop similar attitudes to yours then I think overall peace is possible.

    • Thanks Aunt Yuta; if I can think that way for sure others like me exists. 🙂

      I agree about this line because this also the situation here in UAE “They live quite peacefully side by side, I mean people who used to fight each other in the countries where they came from somehow manage to live in Australia… side by side.”

      Regarding your question “I wonder why?” my best guess is – they are here in foreign country with usually a focus personal goal like “better opportunities, comfortable lifestyle, good benefits, or even better government that leads them” so long that their needs are met they continue to work with one another. In UAE fighting is not tolerated so usually people have to compromise, communicate, and get along otherwise they always have the option to get deported. People leave their country because their country cannot give what they deem important so with that in mind, they have to work on cooperating with other people regardless of the race, which is the best way to live.

      The world is not asking us to change who we are but if what we are becomes destructive instead of helpful then we need to accept that change is crucially needed. The magic word is everyone has to SERVE WITH LOVE, do their part and everyone will have nothing to complain about. 🙂

  2. Do you live in UAE? I’m so lucky that I can know you living and knowing about UAE.
    That’s why I can’t find any real information about UAE in our country.
    Thank you for your continued help. 🙂

    • Hi Cocomino,

      Yes I am currently living in UAE (has 7 emirates) or at the emirates of Dubai to be exact. If you need any information I would do my best to help you out.


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