Yor Ryeter

[1: 374 of 10,000] Dubai Fish Market Day

In Article on September 23, 2011 at 10:44 AM

Destination: Dubai Fish Market

Location: Deira opposite Gold Souks and Bus Station near Al Shindagha Tunnel

9 years ago a friend of mine bring me to this old fish market and a few weeks ago I mentioned it to my Mom and she never stop to ask me I bring her there and this was the day (I am not really a fan of crowded people and messy environment). We woke up at 6 AM, have breakfast and off we go.

I got to be honest something good came out of the visit:

  1. My Mom was extremely excited seeing that much fresh fishes and other seafood in one big lot. She walked actively and bargained.
  2. It was cute to see the vendors in blue and white uniforms. The outfit doesn’t exactly looked very chic and clean (what do we expect from a fish market) but it was nice to know who the right person to talk to and looked very organized.
  3. From small to the biggest fish – it’s all there. I saw some baby sharks and 4 feet long sharks, they were cute but why don’t I feel OK about it?
  4. You can bargain and before they close the plastic bag of the goodies they add some more for free. The vendors were quite happy generous.
  5. We spent AED 200.00 and purchased kilos and kilos of food good for the next 3 weeks. We got some crabs, giant shrimps, shellfish, yellowfin, king fish, eel fish, hamour, banak fish, sardines, dried fishes, and 6 bundles of kangkong (green leaves). Our freezer will definitely complain because the room wouldn’t be enough.
  1. a great day for your mom …

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