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[1: 384 of 10,000] How Can A Hero Emerge?

In Article on September 30, 2011 at 6:14 PM

A hero is brave, intelligent, inspiring, but what really distinct one is…

A hero loves to LIVE what’s good and right and really fight against injustice.

There are moments when we know that something is so wrong like this sad but true story that I’ve read –

In 1964, at 3:15 AM, a young woman named Catherine was going home to her apartment from work (as Bar Manager). Suddenly, a man named Winston attacked her and stabbed her with his knife. She screamed, “My God! I was stabbed!” When she screamed, the man ran away. There were 38 people who were around the area who heard her scream. But not one of them approached her. When the man saw that no one came to help, he went back to the woman and finished her off.

38 against 1 but not one claimed to become a hero and maybe just maybe that a hero would have shout “come on guys, we can stop this one guy!” whether someone came or not still rushed to help or the ideal scenario is together they could have stopped the crime. It is easier to say but at that certain point if I was there, will I ran, shout and fight back? Or I too am going to be scared and say “It’s none of my business, it’s wee hour so what if you’re shouting you’re stabbed, you want me to get stabbed too?” That what makes a hero different, he is focused on saving someone and stopping what is wrong. If only we would step out from our comfort zone all the time, this world might be full of inspiration and guess what “world peace.”

  1. a sad story; we have shocking violence in Berlin’s subway every week – increasing …

  2. They could have at least called the police or worked together to help her. This is such a sad story.

  3. […] few days back I shared a story about a young woman in 1964  sought help but no one came on time but I watched a video from the […]

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