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[1: 440 of 10,000] In Honor of My 10,000 Hits

In Article on November 16, 2011 at 7:55 AM

Disclaimer: I have to be honest I may have visited my own blog without signing in first but not intentional though for less than 16 times (?) I hope not more! Browsing on BlackBerry, iPod, expired signed-in, and not on my own laptop made me commit that silly mistake. And Spammers they sure are included.

Setting human mistakes aside, I am honoring my 10,000 hits (see bottom right of this page) that is somehow my closest achievement to my blog title 10,000 (which is really for the count of my posts, to date 9,560 to go), I would like to mention what are my feelings for the whole blogging experience especially considering the people in the blogosphere world.

Blogging is my daily guilt-free cake. In my happiest times or saddest moments, blogging give me a unique kind of high to type the words and share to the world. It’s my solace and a true expression of my feelings. Keeping everything anonymous as much as possible is not cowardly but I’ve witness love and hate knows no one language so I speak the same experience – human. There are moments that I reached a dead end (out of idea or my muse gone AWOL) but my commitment for at least a daily post is too strong that I have to still be creative and come up with words or photo, I just can’t have any excuse, do you say stop for breathing for something you love? I can’t!

WordPress Team is my blog-guardian angels. I’ve always love blogging at WordPress because it is easy to use and I got the perfect template that suits my need! I am thankful not only for the platform but for the people behind it.

  • Scott Berkun is the man! He introduced The Daily Post as inspiration for 2011 and it helped me with my goal to at least post a day. He is humble, supportive, and I felt glad when he gets to visit my blog and clicked a few likes (ok a total of 4 and it made me feel great that a professional writer dropped by and liked what I wrote and published). I am excited everyday to find out what’s the topic that would encourage writers to pour their ideas whether through a blog post or from the comments. I even challenge myself to answer prompts that doesn’t interest me a bit because I’d like to see how wide is my imagination and creativity.
  • Erica Johnson never fails to bring inspiration not only from real blogger’s experience but most especially the weekly photo challenge is a favorite.
  • Sara Rosso is quite inspiring for giving us a Weekly Photo Challenge with stories and photos from an actual blogger.
  • Daryl L. L. Houston is Mr. Grammar Literature. He is the patient guy who teaches followers of The Daily Post to write beautifully and name what and how are we writing about or most of the time write grammatically correct piece so visitors may understand what we really mean.

Virtual support group is as real as my best friends. If I’m in an alcoholic support group and shyly introduce myself as “Hi I’m Yor,” the group around me almost holding each other’s hands replied an optimistic growl, “Hi Yor!” I’m talking about the people who make me strive to write better.

  • Frizztext – Your honest comments, likes and related posts are heartily appreciated.
  • Guilas – Your likes is never left unnoticed.
  • Bardicblogger – You make me feel like a real writer.
  • Auntyuta – You make me feel worthy.
  • Jackie Paulson – You make me appreciate hope and simple joys.
  • Beckysefton – You make me cherish life.
  • Mayfielder – You make me feel like my photos matter.
  • Kamakshi – You make me love places and appreciate Dubai.
  • Mheretowrite – You make me feel like I know art.

And to all the other visitors who came across my blogs and I won your likes or I touch you in some way, I thank you all.

I like to think that I’m getting a bit of maturity for my writing that I’m demanding a more researched piece from myself on some days or a humorous but substantial post for an everyday journal. The blogging is already a part of me that made me graciously conscious about my surroundings and absolutely ecstatic to always find the right words to express my feelings.

May you all continue to join me with my journey to blogging life!

Cheers to the 10,000 hits!
Cheers for my love of words!
Cheers for writing and publishing!

  1. Congrats on the 10000 hits! And good luck for 9560 posts(and more) 🙂

  2. Aww, thanks very much and well done with your 10,000 hits!

  3. Congratulation! It’s important to keep it up even if you rest for a while. 🙂

  4. Aw, thank you. You’ve made my entire month!

  5. […] my favourite one being My Heavenly Father’s Love. This evening I read their blog post: In Honor of my 10,000 hits and the egotist in me felt good to read: Beckysefton – You make me cherish […]

  6. You have brought all of us great writings and great inspiration. I love my blogging buddies as you are….I am moving again right now…so things are off for me. I hate to be disorganized and pack and unpack…but the good is that it’s a house this time. You really made my day by your post and all who you mentioned…INCLUDING ME ♥ My love to you…always, Jackie

  7. Being optimistic as we are, happy packing & unpacking!!!

    Thanks Jackie!!! Much love too ♥

  8. thank you to put me into your list of supporting blogger friends!

  9. Hi Yor! Thanks for mentioning me. And good luck in happily achieving many more posts!

  10. As of now, you already made more than 500 posts (670 posts I think), which is 5 percent of your goal. 440 posts in one year. So if you continue that pace for ten years, that would be 4400 posts. And for 20 years, that’s 8800. Then 25 years would be 2200+8800, so it’s 11000 posts. Wow! That’s already a lot. Congratulations in advance. 🙂

    • Wehihihihi Thanks Allen for taking the time and do some computations for me. 🙂

      I am enjoying blogging everyday and having people around who truly interacts with me inspired me to move further… happier.

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