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[1: 454 of 10,000] There Are Jobs In Dubai Or Anywhere In The World

In Article on November 28, 2011 at 7:01 PM

Remember my post The Positive Side of Unemployed and my nick of time fear that I had early this month?

Please congratulate me because officially today a certain employer that I like said:

It was not easy but I never doubt that I will find the job that I love. There are jobs in Dubai or anywhere in the world. As long as we live we need things in our life for our survival or pleasure and as long as we have that there will be companies that would be producing products and services that will need people working with them. If you’re still looking for a job, never lose hope.

Being 31 and having this as my lucky 13th job in the course of 12 years of my career life, let me share what I believed helped me land a great job this time:

  1. Set a target month to land a job.
  2. Make a dream board of your wish list. Visualize and it’ll come true. 7 out of my 8 checklist came true, that 1 point I can work on it while working.
  3. Being positive and optimistic.
  4. Pray for wisdom to always have the right mind set and correct thoughts to deliver. Pray for grace to be directed to the right company.
  5. State the positions that I really love to do and can do expertly.
  6. Make a Cover Letter that describe why I am indispensable.
  7. Make a creative CV (never before seen) that vindicates what I’ve written on the Cover Letter.
  8. I sent my CV to the companies that I know fit the position I want to work on. Without being tired but always excited that this must be the company. Keep sending them. I send generic CV to companies and I just addressed it to The Recruitment Manager.
  9. I look my best during the interview, prepared, and on time.
  10. I state the package that I really wanted during the negotiation and honest of my expectations.
  11. I am excited to start working tomorrow and wow the new company. The Cover Letter, CV, Interviews, and Tests are just the preview of who I am; they have yet to find out how good that I can be. With your prayers, I may get a promotion in 3 months and another in 6 months; I am going to work for it, which will have another round of colorful stories.

My final words, trust me that sincere daily prayer is a miracle worker but it doesn’t end there, it needs the job seeker to actually do something like everything I did above. 😉

  1. Congrats!! Seems like a lucky week for both of us! I started my internship this week..

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. You’re doing well. Wishing you that your new job turns out to be everything that you want it to be.
    Very best wishes, Uta.

  4. Congratulations! I am sure we all look forward to hearing all about your new job! Can you share what you will be doing?

    • I would be handling everything about the company’s Communications & Marketing (including Events & PR); two things that I adore to be doing. I will be using my creativity about business strategy, management, and most of all “I WOULD BE WRITING A LOT!!!” ♥

  5. Congratulations on getting the job. You list of things that helped you get your job was very insightful, though I am not in search of a job currently, I definitely will try to remember this when I am in need of a job!

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