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[1: 473 of 10,000] Tom Cruise Day

In Review on December 16, 2011 at 11:29 PM

Today I decided to see Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol  at Dubai Marina Mall.

Why was I excited to see it?

  1. I grew up with Tom Cruise’s Top Gun poster in the house and I still got a big crush on him. Tom is handsome and so great to look at on screen.
  2. Enough about my Tom obsessions… I did watch all the other Mission: Impossible and I’m not missing it now.
  3. I even used to have 2 books of the first Tom’s Mission: Impossible movie.
  4. It has the Burj Khalifa’s shot, silly if I don’t see it on film.
  5. The mystery, action, and love story are a favorite combination of mine.

What did I like about the movie?

  1. Tom Cruise’s acting and athletic capability are still amazing.
  2. The other cast members are memorable; Simon Pegg made me laugh on several occasions, Jeremy Renner won me since The Hurt Locker, and Paula Patton was looking great kicking ass.
  3. The Burj Khalifa shot is beautiful. It is as magnificent as it was portrayed.
  4. The ending made me cry, I am a cry baby now and I will forever be.
  5. The line of Tom at the end when speaking with Jeremy is definitely one of my favorites. For the sake of secrecy, I am not revealing it now.

What are my disappointments?

  1. Several scenes were predictable and corny.
  2. The lines were missing originality.
  3. The wow factor that will make me sigh and will make me want to see it again wasn’t there.
  4. Oopsy moment: Did I hear Tom referred to Burj Khalifa as Burj Dubai, which was the original name?
  5. The climax of the movie wasn’t fierce and heart thumping enough.

What is my Overall Rating?

Out of 5 stars, I’ll give it a 3.

Will I recommend that you watch it?

Why not especially if you’ve been watching the Mission: Impossible series.

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