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[1: 491 of 10,000] Last Day of 2011

In Journal on December 31, 2011 at 3:10 AM

It’s the last day of 2011 and I find it comforting that tomorrow is a new great start. I like ending things sweetly but I certainly adore a beginning more.

A beginning is like pressing the ‘Reset’ button of a computer where everything get washed out and I can start perfectly. Back in college, a certain dean said, start your thesis poorly and you won’t expect a great result.

I always have this connotation that whatever I do on New Year’s Day shall reflect the course of my whole year. I will make sure everything is perfect for 2012.

Here is my 2012 Awesome Checklist:

  1. I look forward for a fruitful daily posting.
  2. I expect myself to be kinder to everyone without prejudice – no more smirky remarks! God lives in each of us.
  3. God is my boss so I should always perform with my best.
  4. Get a promotion and a raise.
  5. Read 12 books, ideally 1 every month.
  6. Read a Seth Godin and Jeff Goin blog posts daily.
  7. Read a daily prayer from Bo Sanchez. Pray daily.
  8. Go to 125 lbs. but don’t lose sight with the ultimate goal of 110 lbs.
  9. Get a driving license.
  10. Get a new car.
  11. Move to a new and bigger flat by July 1, 2012.
  12. Write every Friday for 2 hours minimum about the planned 1st published historical book of all time.
  13. Finish my Italian language lesson.
  14. Learn Photoshop.
  15. Buy DLSR.
  16. Learn Photography.
  17. Buy a new fab and chic laptop and external hard drive. This should reduce my notebook purchase.
  18. Go to Germany for Christmas. I better move my Tuscany dream trip for 2013.
  19. Be faithful for my 10% tithe monthly.
  20. Be persistent to invest 20% of my monthly income.
  21. I will never be trapped in a situation that I’d say, “I didn’t have a choice.”
  22. Never leave a work undone. Just finish it with finesse and a grateful heart.
  23. Speak the truth. Speak!
  24. Hire a Nanny for my Mother.
  25. Help my sibling land to a new great job in Media City.
  26. Buy myself a new pair of pink pearl earrings.
  27. Get myself a Tiffany & Co. charmed bracelet.
  28. Get diamond earrings and ring in color silver setting.
  29. An elegant silver colored Bvlgari watch would be nice.
  30. Date great men.
  31. Work on the business plan an hour every Saturday with partners.
  32. Decide on what Master Degree to take – Marketing, Business Management, or Psychology and enroll on 2013.
  33. Help a cousin come to UAE.
  1. Quite an impressive list! Good luck with it. Have a very Happy New Year!

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