Yor Ryeter

[1: 516 of 10,000] My Discovery of Happiness

In Journal on January 22, 2012 at 12:00 AM

It took me 28 years to truly understand that life should be lived with millisecond happiness. I am a person who lives my life now with understanding and most especially love.

A single human can make a big difference in this lifetime if all he has to think is to love unconditionally. A perfect life depends on our own perception and for me a perfect life includes laughter, overcoming challenges, and sharing blessings.

Positive outlook without doubt makes life easier. Energy wasted on negativity is simply a waste that may even cause further damage.

God is good. God was right that pride is the greatest sin. Drop the pride and expect understanding. Drop the pride and expect harmony and cooperation.

I am writing because I want to share my discovery of true happiness. I also am happy by writing so I am doing this.

I have big dreams but simple approach to life. God is my best ally. Living on Earth is temporary but it doesn’t mean we cannot make the most of it and make memories that history considers worth knowing and sharing.

Happiness isn’t the absence of pain. The pain that we sometime fear is actually an additional asset that contributes to our true happiness. The way we conquer our pain not only brings joy but make up the best of us.

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