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[1: 519 of 10,000] What Price Are We Paying For Convenience?

In Article on January 24, 2012 at 9:08 AM

We celebrated a feast for Chinese New Year at home last night (with the whole family) and the table was certainly full of goodies.

What did we have?

  1. Edamame
  2. Chicken Pasta Milk Soup
  3. Patatim – Mom’s specialty
  4. Crab Siomai (Surprisingly delicious!)
  5. Shrimp Siomai
  6. Shrimp Tempura (Crispy!)
  7. Sotanghon Canton Fried Noodle
  8. Japanese Rice (I am starting to think, we do have lots of Japanese foods on the table last night)
  9. Sweet and Sour King Fish
  10. Chili’s BBQ Ribs Steak
  11. Chili’s Mashed Potato (Delicious!)
  12. Yahala’s BBQ Chicken (Lebanese Restaurant)
  13. Wrapped Tikoy
  14. Baskin-Robbins Oreo Ice Cream Cake
  15. Sprite
  16. Pineapple Juice
  17. Apple Juice
  18. Cantaloupe
  19. Poncan
  20. Chocolates
  21. Fox’s Candies (Spinney’s selling but I’m disappointed with the individual packaging, it’s not clear.)

I love convenience like buying frozen foods, ordering from the restaurant and have it delivered on your home’s door step, or have it in bottled and ready to drink. The problems with convenience sometimes are health related issues. Am I really ready to take the risk of not merely having my size bloat uncontrollably but the possibility of being ill due to eating improper foods? Let me get back with the food we served:

  1. Edamame – Frozen, we got it from a cute Japanese Store here in Dubai. Delicious but still frozen.
  2. Chicken Pasta Milk Soup – Now this is home-made, something warm and nice.
  3. Patatim – Another home-made with lots of veggies too but it’s pork.
  4. Crab Siomai – Frozen
  5. Shrimp Siomai – Frozen
  6. Shrimp Tempura – Frozen
  7. Sotanghon Canton Fried Noodle – Got the noodles on packs instead of doing it at home. Watching MasterChef makes you question every single ingredient like it should be made fresh all the time. We got penalty for the Chicken Pasta Milk Soup because we didn’t make the twirl pasta too huh.
  8. Japanese Rice – Freshly cooked.
  9. Sweet and Sour King Fish – Home-made!
  10. Chili’s BBQ Ribs Steak – Restaurant.
  11. Chili’s Mashed Potato – Restaurant.
  12. Yahala’s BBQ Chicken – Restaurant.
  13. Wrapped Tikoy – Home-made except for the tikoy itself that we imported from the Philippines, not China, and it was fried.
  14. Baskin-Robbins Oreo Ice Cream Cake – Obviously bought.
  15. Sprite – Not good.
  16. Pineapple Juice – It would have been better if freshly made.
  17. Apple Juice – It would have been better too if freshly made.
  18. Cantaloupe – Fresh fruit.
  19. Poncan – Fresh fruit.
  20. Chocolates – This can be a source of debate. Fine, if it’s dark it’s healthier but they aren’t all dark.
  21. Fox’s Candies – Processed.

Out of the 20, only questionable 7 dishes (2 of them were fresh fruits) can be considered healthy (in green font color).

New Year New Discipline? It should be.

Maybe I should start with eating in moderation and then go fresh and cook at home. Challenging but possible!

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