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[1: 540 of 10,000] Sinful Snack

In Made In, Review on February 8, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I am not a fan of raisins but I am a fan of chocolates.

Marks & Spencer made this snack called “Belgian Milk Chocolate Coated Californian Raisins” or BMCCCR Sinful Snack for short. What were they thinking coming up with such a loooooooonnnnnnng brand name? Imagine if I go back to a M&S outlet and can’t see the goodie then I tell to the sales associate, “I would like to buy the Belgian Milk Chocolate Coated Californian Raisins,” with excitement added to the ingredient, I may totally lose my breath making that statement!

The good news is I love it!

It’s addictive sort of, I almost want to finish the whole bag in one go.

Every bite is an explosion of rustic lil sour raisin (I think there’s tweed in there, there’s definitely a tiny hard texture that excites me to find it but at the same time a cushy soft gooey raisin bit) and crisp chocolate that cracks then gives away a heavenly Belgian chocolate sweetness.

Super love the tastes combinations and the packaging too.

This was Made in UK and got it at AED 8.50 per bag.

  1. I quite like the chocolate covered pretzels that M&S do 🙂

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