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[1: 556 of 10,000] The Best Arabic Biryani in Al Ain

In Review on February 23, 2012 at 6:57 PM

Our family discovered the best restaurant for Arabic Mutton Biryani in Al Ain and it is called Al Yahar Modern Restaurant. It’s located at the street between Jahli Park and Emirates Post.

The restaurant doesn’t look very elegant and modern (contradictory to the name) but it’s part of its charm; actually the food is that good I forgive the look. Takeout orders are super fast and it’s the door at the left.

In this invoice I ordered 1 Mutton Biryani and 1 Chicken BBQ Biryani that is AED 20.00 per order. Total bill is AED 40.00 and not bad at all considering the generous serving.

My photo doesn’t give justice but I really love the Mutton Meat because it’s soft and juicy but the Chicken BBQ failed in terms of taste because it was too charcoal-ish and the chicken itself is quite blunt. The biryani or the rice is packed with Arabic flavor, smells really good, and could make me forget why people have to be on diet. I feel like a construction worker whenever I finish a 1 whole order. It is that good!

The accompanying sauces are my favorite especially the tomato with green chili (one of the hot foods I tolerate, makes me sweat every spoon) and yogurt still with bits of chili.

Great with Diet Coke! 😉

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