Yor Ryeter

[1: 567 of 10,000] Joey-Go-Round

In Question on March 3, 2012 at 8:43 AM

I’ve been watching US TV Series for a long time now. Since Friends, Dawson’s Creek, and now Gossip Girl. I grew up in the Philippines in a sort of conservative relationship culture and I always wonder if Americans do go round in their friends circle all the time or it’s just on the show.

Let us take for example the Dawson’s Creek show. Joey loves Dawson, but hooked up with Jack and then with Pacey. Dawson hooked up with Jen and then later with Joey. According to the storyline, they are all friends! I really find that weird that they go round. Or it is just me and my conservative perception that my friend’s lover can’t be my lover.

There is one particular guy who liked me but since I know that two of my friends liked him I stopped him from courting me. There is this another man who I knew had a relationship with one of my friends and although I don’t know both of them when they were together, when he started making his move with me, I didn’t encourage it. The thing is there are so many men in this world, it’s possible that I will find a person who doesn’t have to be hooking up with my circle of friends. It is not just weird but it’s like crossing someone’s boundary.

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