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[1: 578 of 10,000] Why Berkley Jones doesn’t want to sin anymore?

In Article on March 11, 2012 at 10:01 AM

I got a hold of the book “The Ten Commandments: Rules for Peace and Lasting Happiness” by Loron Wade and on page 105 I read something interesting about a person named Berkley Jones.

He is a dangerous criminal but one day Jesus found a place in his heart and when someone asked him, “Do you ever felt a desire to go back to the life you had before you knew Jesus?”

This seemed to him the most foolish question in the world. He said: “Suppose a man is drowning in a hole where there is dirty water. Then someone comes and pulls him out. Would this man want to jump back into the hole? He knows that there is nothing in there for him but death.” Why would anyone prefer the dirty hole when Jesus offers health and healing for our hearts?

Loron Wade’s Source: Story told by Rose Slaybaugh in “Escape from Death,” (Nashville: Southern Publishing Association, 1953), pp. 113-143.

It’s a beautiful answer. It may be a simple illustration of what it’s like but we rarely see a man who would want to be in a hole of death. The biggest challenge is true sins don’t look like a deep scary hole but in a form of an enticing temptation and before we know it our soul is dead. Thanks to God who gave us Jesus to give us a new redeemed life.

Photo Source: Comp.nus.edu.sg

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