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[1: 595 of 10,000] Best Dream Yet

In Journal on March 27, 2012 at 6:21 PM

When I woke up on Wednesday (March 21) morning, I was smiling because I have the best dream yet. It was 99% perfect!

It was magically filled with fancy things and romance.

It started with I came from work then I was pretty excited and in a hurry to change my outfit for a very special event. The lady in the department store was pleasantly joyful that I change and glam up at her counter.

Photo Source: TVGuide.com

I wore my favorite playful soft dress dotted with hearts, walked passed a Cartier store, and adored by people with flashing cameras as I enter into a parked chauffeured car with a dashing gentleman who looked a lot like Billy Zane waiting confidently debonaire. He is definitely trying to hide a Cartier shopping bag, which I was sure is an engagement ring.

He was frowning that I was late because he was concern that we will lose our restaurant reservation but my pretty muse instructed me that being late for a little while will spark anticipation that is absolutely necessary and with that reason being late is forgivable .

I understood the attitude because when we arrived at the shabby chic restaurant, it was like a fairytale book like that came to life looking like Shakespeare & Co. too because of the dwarfy furniture only much more personal and softer colors ambiance. The owner is a sweet and warm granny who delightedly feed us with the most delicious foods in exquisite plates and professionally plated.

Photo Courtesy: Time Out Abu Dhabi

It was a spectacular experience, beautiful restaurant setting, and a handsome man by my side who can’t stop smiling being proud that I love what he prepared. There were other lovely couples around and everyone is in love and we cheer like we are in one party. The place is small, everyone is close with one another literally, but it never felt crowded but cozy.

I feel pampered not only by the man that I love but also by the restaurant owner who gave her full attention to me like I am the only lady guest to please through serving me first and explaining the food she specially prepared.

I leaned closer to him and gave him a kiss but he teased he doesn’t kiss a lady in a first date but with my amazing charm he can’t resist to kiss back, and it never felt like a first date because it wasn’t.

Photo Courtesy: Cartier.com

Now that is a very wonderful dream. Why isn’t perfect? I would find it more demure and proper that I did not initiate the kiss, although I know that he deserved the gesture of affection for doing something right. I never found out the content of the Cartier, there was a moment that he wanted to present it but I said it could wait for later because at that time it wasn’t very important; what was important was the companion I am with and the amazing feeling of felicity.

It felt so real and I am happy I could dream and I can remember my dream. It could come true one day and I might refer to this blog post for déjà vu piece. Just lovely and perfect!

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