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[1: 625 of 10,000] Hello Sun

In Photo on April 23, 2012 at 7:51 PM

For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun I am sharing this building’s photo. Look at the balcony near the West Zone Supermarket sign board at the right; it got plenty of beautiful blooming flowers. The residents of the building enjoy the morning sun, I totally envy them.

I just like to mention that I also love the architecture of this building. It looks like a royalties’ building and the princesses will come out in the balcony and wave elegantly.

  1. Beautiful building, I would love to sit on one of those balconies and feel the sun on my face.

  2. I agree, it is truly a beautiful building.

  3. There is no sun in this photo, but still a nice photo.

    I’m surprised that it’s a supermarket, just like an apartment to me. Where is it, Dubai?

    Btw, what do you mean by 1: 625 of 10,000 and 1:x on the rest of your post?

    • Hi Albadr,

      Yes, the direct sun is not really visible, but look at the reflection from the taxi’s window – driver’s side… 😉

      Only 50% of the ground floor is a supermarket. The upper levels are Apartment and Office spaces. It is located in Karama, Dubai.

      1 – Stands for the 1st batch of 10,000. This blog is about publishing 10,000 blog posts and more.
      625 – Means the total posts I’ve published. 🙂

      • Oh sorry, I don’t realize the taxi’s window’s reflection.

        Wow, so, you have target to post a series of 10,000 posts? That’s amazing. 625 posts is a good start. Mine only reach 118 posts now (and that needed 4 years 😦 ). Good luck for you bro.

      • About the reflection – No problem 😉

        Hahaha I like the sound of “series of 10,000 posts”! Thank you. It will take me about 20 years more before I finish a batch but I am not in a hurry but enjoying the journey. Hey, it’s a feat to finish 118 posts even if it took you 4 years.

        Good luck to you too. A “she” here, I feel like pretending to be a man if I accept to be called a “bro”. 😀

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