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[1: 629 of 10,000] What My eNewsletter Subscriptions Say About Me?

In Article on April 27, 2012 at 1:00 PM

I don’t like Spam emails. As life gets busy, I don’t want to clutter my Inbox with subscriptions that I am not interested to read. So, what are my subscriptions and what it tells about me?

1. HBO makes me Nostalgic not just a Movie Fanatic – As long as I can remember this has been my first subscription. My current cable subscription here in Dubai doesn’t have HBO but back in the Philippines it is definitely one of my favorite channels and I like their realistic movies and documentaries. If you are wondering why am I still keeping this subscription, I’m still interested how movies are advertised and what are being shown in Asia. I dream of working with them too.

2. John Grisham makes me an Idealist or believes that Justice is achievable (at least always in novels) – He makes me respect lawyers and the law. His stories made Samuel Jackson, Matthew McConaughey, and Tom Cruise very smart, amazingly charming, and just. The eNewsletter makes me find out his new novels which are now diverting in different subject – away from law. I got to try one of his non-law novels soon and maybe later I will rave about his sports novel; I adore sports themed movies so I must love the novels too.

3. Sophie Kinsella makes me a Lady. Her novel always has a heroine that makes me want to live in their fancy fashionable world and very Brit. Her Shopaholic series still is my favorite series. The subscription is my way to find out what my fave writer is up to.

4. Style.com makes me Creative not necessarily fashionable. They have different call for style and I always look forward to what they are up to. I love seeing colors, words, photos, models in awkward poses and usually lots of nice clothes and accessories. I’m also subscribed to Vogue which also delivers the same feeling but I get more excited receiving the Style.

5. Lonely Planet makes me Indifferent. I tried joining the forum and I still can’t get over the rude old timers. I can’t stop my subscription because I am curious to find out what’s out there other than to where I am.

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