Yor Ryeter

[1: 654 of 10,000] Write Off From My Bucket List

In Journal on June 11, 2012 at 10:50 PM

I’m not a super rich gal so I really wish I’d be flying Business Class instead of the always Economy again. My last travel going to Manila gave me 2 surprises: (1) I still can’t believe Emirates Airline made one of my dreams a reality. I don’t know what the basis was but I’ll take it without hesitation.

(2) Here was the dilemma; my youngest sister who I am traveling with didn’t get the chance to be upgraded. It was a serious conscientious consideration if shall I give up my seat or get this moment to write off one thing from my bucket list? It was a difficult question but I did asked her if she wants my seat and she said “no” because I am older and she’ll have more chances later. Thank God!

I enjoyed the Business Class from the roomy seat without disturbing other passengers if I recline. There was an option to get poured with Moet Champagne every time the stewardess passes by. I was served with a white linen carefully laid in front of me as a table cover before presenting my beautiful dish with real silver spoon and fork. My menu has more choices than the couch. A really really bigger monitor. Oh, there was a real orchid at the lavatory, got a peek of the Pilot’s place and saw the Pilot’s food order.

I saw one of the Oprah shows when she granted someone’s wish of seeing her idol Tina Turner. It was like an impossible dream for her but it came true. When Oprah asked her what she felt, she said an amazing reality, “I have to have bigger dreams!” So if I will be asked for now, the image above clearly states the natural things that are next in line. 😉

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