Yor Ryeter

[1: 725 of 10,000] STOP WASTING

In Article on August 19, 2012 at 11:08 AM

I rarely use all capital letters for my title. In the online world it is either an extreme display of happiness or disappointment.

I created this blog mostly because I want to create an online journal. I kept everything confidential and has never revealed my real name because I don’t want to barge my thought. I kept it out there for the world to read because I may surprisingly solicit ideas from others that would help me change for the better. Having explained myself in 3 sentences, and having read an article but yet again another year of food wastage in UAE during Ramadan, I am writing down the Top 10 Matters I’ve wasted in my personal life that obviously should STOP.

  1. Stop wasting time and become focused of what I am made of.
  2. Stop filling my plate with food I know I won’t be able to consume especially when going for buffet.
  3. Stop repeating hurtful scenes in my mind and just forgive.
  4. Stop tolerating petty complains that won’t help anyone but fuel stress.
  5. Stop blaming people.
  6. Stop sweating for trivial things that after a year won’t even be remembered it ever happened.
  7. Stop making excuses not to do the right thing.
  8. Stop talking about people’s weaknesses without his presence.
  9. Stop losing faith.
  10. Stop being shallow.
  1. Hi, Yor Ryeter,
    sorry I haven’t been visiting for some time. I’m glad I came across your blog today. It’s a timely reminder for me to stop wasting time. All the other hints are worth noting too. Thanks for making such a comprehensive list!
    Best wishes from Aunty Uta

    • Hi Aunty Uta,

      Thank you for dropping by. I hope you’re all right and having a blast of your life. 🙂



      • Hi Yor,

        I really shouldn’t waste any time right now for Peter and I will be leaving on our overseas trip in a bit over two weeks. Before we leave we have a lot of things to do still. It’s very important to be as organized as possible! Since our daughter Gaby passed away last month things that need to be done have just been coming constantly. Luckily we have a great family who gave us a tremendous amount of support. We booked the 2 1/2 month trip last year already. Maybe it’s just as well that we can go away now for a while and meet old family and friends.

        Love from Aunty Uta

      • Dear Aunty Uta,

        My heart goes to you and the family.

        It’s a good decision to go visit the old families and friends especially at this delicate time. Nothing would compare being in the care and love of dear ones. Have a safe, fruitful, and meaningful trip.

        Stay strong with God. He knows how to lead and stir our hearts.



  2. xoxo, these are kisses and hugs, right?
    Thank you so much, dear Yor.
    And thank you for the beautiful, encouraging words.


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