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[1: 731 of 10,000] A Little Painful

In Journal on August 23, 2012 at 2:54 PM

I have my biases but I keep telling myself that it is right to STOP generalizing nationalities.

  • I can’t say that this nationality smells bad and lazy.
  • I can’t say that this nationality is not just lazy but has no sensible brain.
  • I can’t say that this nationality is pretentious and thought absolutely superior from others.
  • I can’t say that this nationality shouts and a power tripper just to cover up the truth that he isn’t really that bright.

I should stop because it is unfair and hurtful. Every single nationality may have something ridiculously common traits but it doesn’t mean they are all the same.

My new boss at work have a way of subtly insulting Filipinos and to think the real people who sincerely works hard for his company is that exact nationality. My boss may be right on some way about the insults he remarked, at first I didn’t care especially that I wasn’t the reason of his accusations, but when I let the incident sit in my heart, I feel a little pain.

I am not going to sulk and hate him, or plan to make him change his mind, I will instead continue to be great and it is his deal for having baggage and for not having the eye of seeing the truth.

Photo Source: Black and White People By Tellmeurs

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