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[1: 733 of 10,000] Blaise Pascal Knows Editing Is A Work

In Article on August 24, 2012 at 5:41 PM

“I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”
-Blaise Pascal

I kept seeing Blaise‘s quote today after publishing a blog post here in WordPress. Writers will understand what he meant by that statement. It is easier to keep on writing because even if we don’t want to speak our brain continues to work as it has so much to say.

One of my English professors in college asked us to write anything on a long pad paper for a duration of 10 minutes. I filled the paper with any thoughts that come to my mind. I have so much to say. But when we want to really matter and Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, knew it – that Editing, keeping it tight and precise is the key not only to easily get the message across but making things less complicated.

When your wife asked you “can we go to Mexico for vacation?” and you knew she was just trying to get your attention because you are working too hard and you’re allergic of anything Mexican. Instead of getting hurt why she didn’t remember you didn’t like anything Mexican (I certainly don’t know why but I fancy saying it) and that it’s a waste of money to travel – just briefly say:

“I love you and I am sorry I failed to spend precious time with you. How about Greece instead?”

Brevity with the right words are definitely more effective.

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