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In Journal on November 15, 2012 at 8:41 PM

I hated my mood yesterday.

I slept at 2 in the morning for watching my all time favorite movie. My sister arrived at wee hours later and started clapping and intentionally trying to keep everyone awake at home to give her a warm welcome. So what do I expect when I drag myself to get up at 6am to go for work, and oh prepare my breakfast and lunch? Just when you thought the day couldn’t give much more surprise, my ride to work didn’t come, the driver overslept too, so I end up taking a taxi, a metro train, and walk. I don’t like walking going to work ‘coz it makes me sweat, I don’t like sweating. I didn’t take the cab throughout ‘coz am saving for the New Year out of country trip.

That is yesterday anyway because today I am quite happy. Not perfectly happy but I have so much to be thankful for. We got our Christmas Tree decors and I’ve suggested to my sissies that we’ll put it up in the morning. I watched a special edition of Top Gear about James Bond Cars – amazing. I had a fun lunch meeting with my upcoming new boss, I can’t believe it but he may be my 1st boss who owns the company that may actually become a dear friend of mine because he is making me feel like he is a friend – weird feeling.

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