Yor Ryeter

[1: 851 of 10,000] Conversation With A Father

In Short Story on December 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Emirates PalaceThe dining table was grand. The father of the house is seated obviously the head. His son on his right. And the guest is at the center, enjoying a good meal, and unaware that she is about to be scrutinized.

“So that’s a very good bet coming from my son?” he gazed at his son who looked at him, expecting this but not sure where will it lead.

She raised her head and looked to the father, “It was quite a bet indeed.”

“When are you moving in to your brand new home? And you my son when are you moving to your palace?”
“I will move next week according to your son as soon as he gets his personal things out of the house.”

“Next week,” the son simply answered.
“Where is your family?”

“I don’t have my parents anymore and I am an only child.”

“And you race car for leisure?” the father continued to asked.


“Without fear of getting killed in the track?”

“It’s a race track meant to be driven. They didn’t create it to get people killed. If I know I will die, then I wouldn’t do it, a man could die on his sleep but we all need to sleep don’t we.”

The father was speechless. After the quiet dinner, the father excused his son and they went into the terrace.

“You’re a Prince! You don’t go to a race track and drive against a maniac then bet your house on the line.”

“It’s just a house father. You should have seen her drive. She was fearless, smooth, and amazingly remarkable. It’s just a house.”

“I know you. It is not just about the house. You cannot marry anyone who isn’t royal. You can make her your mistress but not a legal wife.”

“Father, what makes you think she deserves to become just a mistress?”

The son was silent and left the house with his guest.

“I’m sorry about my father. I hope you enjoy your new home.”

“He is a King, he is your father, and he is concern. If he didn’t do that, I would doubt that he’s a good dad.”

“How could you be so calm and full of wisdom?”

“Life treats me well. I find happiness in everything I do. I give my dedication.”

“Despite your parents being brutally killed? I’m sorry I just can’t fathom how could you do it.”

She looked out from the window. Watching as their car passed different lights of the gorgeously lit city. She finds sadness about the past but she cannot ignore the beauty in front of her. “I am continuously amazed with the beauty that surrounds me that a painful past couldn’t stop me from truly living. I may never understood why it had happened but I am okay not to have all the answers now. Are you really sure you want to give me your house?”

“It’s just a house. I want you to know that I admire your drive and your driving.” At the back of his head, ‘and I can’t help falling in love with you.’

“Oh well, I could use a new house. Thank you.”

“Can I see you sometime?”

“I’ll see you in the race track. I am not receiving your house for you to have a reason to be at your ex-home as you please. Otherwise, I will not accept it.”

“I’ll see you in the race track. I’ll make sure I earn to get invited to your house.”

“That’s good.”

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