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[1: 881 of 10,000] My Lessons Learned for 2012

In Journal on December 31, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Whew 2012 was fast!

January – I was searching for a Dubai Residence Visa.
February – I was jobless and was accompanying Mum to her frequent hospital check-ups.
March – Spent quality time with Mum being confined in the hospital quite a lot.
April – Joined a new company. First time to be in a real estate industry.
May – We lost our dearest Mum. Got the chance to go see Philippines again after 2 years.
June – I turned 32. Moved to a brand new Apartment that I adore!
July – I was coping and enjoying my work. Thankful for Ramadan timing.
August – House MD ended and got disappointed with the ending.
September – It was a blur and I just kept working.
October – I received a call from someone I’ve known from the past. He made me resign.
November – Did my turn over for the real estate company.
December – Inspiring! Joined a new company. I got a little bit crazy on crushing. I am visiting Jordan for the first time. I am learning so much from myself.

2012 was filled with so many things that would change me forever.

I have to act very grown up now that we also lost our Mum. No more parents but just my sissies and I, yes we got each other and we got to stay strong and make sure we turn our life to the best paths. I call on God more often now because He loves us and supports us unconditionally.

I know what my dreams are and it’s a matter of taking the steps to make it a reality. I am very excited for the future but I’m sure thankful with the lessons I’ve learned today.

I love blogging. ♥ Despite the challenges, I was able to make a blog post for 365 days. It was not simply my love for blogging but my true and forever romance with words.

  1. A very inspiring post! Sorry to hear about your mom… It’s got to be hard to adjust, but sounds like you’re keeping busy! Great plan! Happy and healthy 2013 to you!

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