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[1: 922 of 10,000] My Children Need Me

In Journal on February 6, 2013 at 7:47 PM

It is a constant struggle to work less especially if you want to be proud of a job well done.

Joy Sexton

I feel like my two sisters are my babies and they often pout when I start bringing out my home work, working from home after dinner or still working during the weekends. I feel like I need to cut myself into two personalities and be present especially for them… from trying to join them to watch a movie or a TV series or savour a bountiful meal together, while my work laptop awaits me to type on it. I even consider my household chores as an excuse to work from the living room and simultaneously do the laundry, while my sisters are already in bed still having gracious conversations that often injected with cute laughter – I wanted to be part of those moments but I sacrifice it for work sake. I sometimes wonder if I will be married and have kids of my own, I can’t do that to my little ones, it doesn’t seem fair, exactly the reason too why I am not in a hurry to settle down and bear offspring.

Life doesn’t need to be this difficult pinching my heart that’s why it is important for me that I enjoy what I do otherwise everything is senseless. Either I work a lot for now or spare quality time with my family, both should give insurmountable joy. I have to be wise to choose my battle. I know I am never in my comfort zone and I like that. My greatest measurement that I still love myself at the end – my New Year’s Resolution – sleep daily; so far I am keeping up to my promise even if I almost relapse to old habit of not sleeping and then opt to drink Red Bull. Tomorrow is last day of work; I can breathe longer and relax a bit from being a workaholic. If you’re wondering, I got plans to still work?! Crazy huh?!


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