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[1: 930 of 10,000] The Best Singles Valentine’s Day Ever

In Journal on February 14, 2013 at 11:59 PM

I got a great slumber so I woke up with a happy heart and prayed for a perfect day. I was feeling a little off few days back for today because I am not going out on a date with a man but I do have a plan for the night.

Work day was great. My boss didn’t have tantrums. My Bosley was well behaved that gave me a relaxing whole day. I got praises like a little kid at work too.

Being single and fabulous, my sissies and I hit the Health Club for a night swim, lounge in a Jacuzzi, viewed the starry night, ordered pizza, and watched an Adam Sandler movie. I seriously looked forward to this night and I was absolutely satisfied and smiling making this blog post to end my V-Day!

Swimming Pool

The greatest surprise is having my crush greets me before the night ends. I wish next Valentine’s I am out and about with the cutest man who puts a ring in the right finger. 😉 The hearts days gave my heart a puff of happiness. TYL.


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