Yor Ryeter

[1: 940 of 10,000] I Am a Mimicker

In Article on February 24, 2013 at 8:32 AM

Magical Weave Mirror

I don’t really consider it as a scary illness because if 10 being the severe, I say I am at 3, which is fairly livable. I am not diagnosed but I seem to think I have this kind of minor disorder after slightly learning about it from House (a TV show, not really a very reliable source huh?).

What do I do exactly?

  1. I remember in school, I usually imitate the handwriting of my teacher from the board. I have a very good handwriting but seeing my teacher write on the board, I seem to understand their strokes of every letter that I can start writing the way they do. I also do this for my boss. Am I meant to become a con artist or a forger?
  2. I remember how people react on certain situation and when the particular circumstance gets repeated, I give back how they acted the first time. It is not just grudge but I want them to see how they behaved awhile back and see how they would react on themselves. This is actually a bit scary and seemed like I was acting revengeful.
  3. I even mimic my own self. In happy moments or plain silly moments, I tend to repeat my words or sentences twice or more.

The crazy life of Yor. Is it time to see a shrink? 😀

Photo Source: “Weave Mirror” (2007) by Daniel Rozin


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